FAQ Page Schema Markup (Structured Data) Json-ld Generator

Generate the FAQ Page Schema and copy/paste it directly to your code. HTML and React components supported.


<script type="application/ld+json">
    "@context": "https://schema.org",
    "@type": "FAQPage",
    "mainEntity": [
        "@type": "Question",
        "name": "",
        "acceptedAnswer": {
          "@type": "Answer",
          "text": ""

Frequently asked questions

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What is FAQ Page Schema?
A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page contains a list of questions and answers pertaining to a particular topic. Properly marked up FAQ pages may be eligible to have a rich result on Search and an Action on the Google Assistant, which can help your site reach the right users.

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An organization such as a school, NGO, corporation, club, etc.

FAQ Page

A FAQPage is a WebPage presenting one or more 'Frequently asked questions'


An article, such as a news article or piece of content. Use this schema for your news and blog articles.